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Grand River Doula

Minda Cerson, ND

Birth and Post Partum Doula service in Guelph and surrounding areas

It takes a village to raise a child – but the need for support starts from the beginning.

 As a certifying birth and post partum doula, I will be there for you through your labour or your post partum period with physical comfort techniques, practical help, education and unflagging encouragement so you can feel a village of support on your side!

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of unconditional support


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What is a doula? 

A birth doula is your personal coach through your labour and delivery. Armed with professional training, knowledge, unconditional emotional support and tips and techniques to make labour and childbirth as positive as possible.

A post partum doula is your extra set of hands in those first weeks and months when your job is to recover and welcome your newborn.  Trained to help with the newer (breastfeeding, sleep, babywearing), the older (siblings, pets) and the practical aspects of motherhood (food, laundry, dishes) when you would rather eat, sleep, feed and cuddle.

Why hire a doula?

Even if you have experienced childbirth before, every birth is its own unique and sometimes unpredictable event and every child arrives with its own set of joys and challenges. 

Hiring a doula has been shown to have a positive impact on labour, childbirth and the newborn months physically, emotionally and practically.

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The birth doula is on call for you in the 2 weeks before your due date and is there for continuous support until after you are settled with your new baby.  

A post partum doula is there for you in the days and first few months after your baby is born to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.