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Grand River Doula

Minda Cerson, ND

Birth and Post Partum Doula service in Guelph and surrounding areas

It takes a village to raise a child – but the need for support starts from the beginning.

 As a certifying birth and post partum doula, I will be there for you through your labour or your post partum period with physical comfort techniques, practical help, education and unflagging encouragement so you can feel a village of support on your side!

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of unconditional support


What is a Birth Doula?


A birth doula is your guide through the birthing process - from the start of labour through to delivery and the first few hours of your newborn.

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Doulas are part of ancient strategy that is still relevant in today's modern times. As technologically and medically advanced as we are, when you are birthing a baby you still need someone who is there for you continuously during birth, assisting you with navigating the emotions of birth, helping comfort you physically and giving you the latest and most relevant information you might need to make the decisions that are right for your family.


Modern day doulas are professionally trained in the entire birthing process, armed with old and new tools in their birthing bags.


Before the birth a doula can help you with information and guidelines to prepare you for the birth, helping you create a birth preference plan if desired and giving you answers or resources for the questions you have as well as the questions you didn't even know to ask.


When you go into labour your doula is there for you as soon as you need her and stays with you until you and your baby are settled.  She is your information guide,your encouraging coach and the soothing hands helping you find techniques and positions that comfort or aid labour progress. 


It is impossible to predict how the birth will go but having a doula can bring comfort and ease no matter what circumstances may or may not arise.  A doula is there to focus on you and your family so you can focus on birthing your baby.


 A doula does not replace midwives or doctors, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatments or perform medical tasks.  Your medical team is there for your safety, a doula is there for your comfort.




What is a Post Partum Doula?

Just as a birth doula is your guide through labour, a post partum doula helps you navigate those first weeks and months of your newborn's life.
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A post partum doula comes to your home to provide the non judgemental and non biased support you need as a new family following childbirth or adoption.  She can assist with all that this transition can entail and performs the specific tasks your specific family needs.

This can include -but is not confined to - information and assistance about new mum's postpartum body, breastfeeding and newborn needs, infant massage and other child soothing techniques, assistance with siblings (of the two or four legged variety), running errands, cooking meals, doing laundry and other light housekeeping, and the simple but powerful just listening.

They know what is typical during this time and have resources and referrals at the ready if the need arises.  

They give you information and support, confidence and time so you can recover, learn about your new baby and enjoy this new and exciting stage of your lives.