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Grand River Doula

Minda Cerson, ND

Birth and Post Partum Doula service in Guelph and surrounding areas

It takes a village to raise a child – but the need for support starts from the beginning.

 As a certifying birth and post partum doula, I will be there for you through your labour or your post partum period with physical comfort techniques, practical help, education and unflagging encouragement so you can feel a village of support on your side!

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of unconditional support


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Why Do I Need a Doula? 


Why hire a Doula?


Because your birth experience should be a positive one.


This includes continuous support to help you feel as comfortable as possible and the latest information to make the decisions that are right for you and your family.


A doula is an experienced professional who is knowledgeable about the birth process and provides support to a birthing mother and her family before, during and after the birth.


She provides expectant mothers with continuous emotional, physical, and resource support throughout the entire birth journey.   She can help women and their partners develop a birth preference plan that reflects their wishes for labour and birth and ensures that these are respected.


She also suggests positions and techniques to increase comfort and progress in labour and encourages the mother to ask questions and express preferences and concerns


A doula does not replace midwives or doctors, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatments or perform medical tasks.


She does not speak for the family, but does help give them support to do so for themselves.


 A birth doula can be help you navigate your birth experience and make it as positive as possible.



How can a post partum doula help after the birth?


Giving birth is not easy.  Recovering from giving birth and taking care of yourself and your newborn can be just as much of a challenge.


Recovery, food, laundry, breastfeeding, siblings, pets, sleep (or lack of it!), cleaning all become high priority items when an extra set of hands can make the difference between feeling nurtured and feeling overwhelmed.


Postpartum care includes meeting the basic needs of new parents so they have more energy to bond with their baby. This can range from support in breastfeeding and sibling care to light housekeeping and meal preparation.  A postpartum doula helps to create an environment that is calm and more ordered so the family can focus on themselves.


 A doula can help your family transition into life with your new baby. She listens and helps you find answers to the questions you have as a new parent. 


Using the services of a doula can allow you the opportunity to reflect positively on the birth process and can increase the rate of success with breastfeeding.  It can allow new mothers feel more secure and self-confident and even decrease the incidence of postpartum depression. 


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